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Angry Kitten Rescued By Woman Finally Gets The Love It Deserved

Angry Kitten Rescued By Woman Finally Gets The Love It Deserved

Angry and mean, who can it be? This story is about a very angry, growly feral kitten found in a septic tank hole, Which was rescued by a woman. The woman learned about that cat from a lady and went to help the cat. 

This story is about a mean cat who became calm, sweet, and gentle. It shows how kindness is still alive in this era and some people are there who do not think twice before helping a poor voiceless animal. Love and affection can bring a huge change in someone’s behavior and your kindness can change their whole lives. So read on to read about how an angry kitten got rescued and also had a complete change in her behavior. 

Once Upon a Time…

A woman was walking past a street and when she saw a cat there, it was a terrible sight for her because of the situation of the poor animal. The cat was kinda deep and every time she tried to reach her the dirt kept falling and she could not reach her. Finally, she tried to lure her closer with the food, as soon as the cat saw the food she started licking her little lips, which confirmed that the cat was hungry. As the cat moved a little bit closer to the food, she got her in the net.

The cat was not happy with getting caught, it was hissing, trying to bite her through the net. The lady was shocked by the condition of the cat. The woman then got the cat into the carrier which was not easy as it was trying to claw her way back out of the carrier. Then she took it to her home.

As soon as they reached home, they unwrapped the carrier, took the lid off, and tried to pet her. But she started hissing, she was mad. Soon they realized her legs were broken, there was no movement in them whatsoever, when the woman picked the cat up, her legs completely fell. The cat was in so much pain which explains why she was mad. The woman was heartbroken by that scene, she knew it was going to be a struggle for the cat. Then they gave her pain meds which calmed her down as it took the pain away.

Now the cat finally realized that the woman was trying to help her so she was calm. The vet told the woman that she would not be able to walk so just take care of her. Since the cat could not walk, the woman carried her for weeks. And as time passed the cat got friendly. 

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They did an exercise with her in the hope that her legs might show movement and that one day she might bend her knees. As soon as she realized that the kitty had some movement in them, she made a walking harness for the cat to help her move those two legs. 

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One morning the woman woke up and heard eating noises, and she saw the cat standing and eating her food. She was so amazed and emotional at the same time by that scene. The cat started walking. Now she was able to walk, run, and jump. Not only this, the cat’s emotional change was far greater than the physical change. Now the cat was so loving and she loved those annoying physical touches of women. The woman was so amazed and happy by the fact that now she can live a normal life just like other cats.


Such a beautiful story showing how love and affection can change the behavior of even the rudest animals. You need to be careful, gentle, and calm with animals who have issues dealing with anger. After all, it is not their fault. If these little feline friends are given love, affection, and care properly, they can also provide the same to their owners. So if you also want your cat to become friendly with you, all you need is to show them that you truly care for them and love them with your whole heart. 

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