Average Male Cat Weight KG- How Heavy Should My Cat Be?

Average Male Cat Weight KG- How Heavy Should My Cat Be?

In this article, you will get every information about a male cat weight. 

Average Male Cat Weight KG- How Heavy Should My Cat Be?

Cats are lovely, even when they get around. Although it may appear to be innocuous, your pet gaining a few pounds can develop medical issues such as type 2 diabetes and arthritis, restricting the cat’s capacity to live a happy and healthy life.

Average Male Cat Weight KG- How Heavy Should My Cat Be?

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, even two pounds above the optimal weight might put your cat’s health at risk. Because overweight cats are more frequent than fit cats, determining if your cat is overweight might be difficult. According to a 2018 Statista report, obese and overweight cats outweigh healthy-weight cats in residential settings.

How Heavy Should my Cat be?

The ideal weight for an average cat is 10 pounds or 4.4 kilograms. The weight of a cat can vary based on its breed and health history. Your Siamese male cat weight can be as little as 5 pounds and your Maine Coon may weigh about 25 pounds, but that is well within the weight range for those breeds.

How to Spot an Overweight Cat?

You can do tests on your own to find out if your male cat weight is right. First of all, do they look fat? Does their stomach hang down, or do they look different from other cats? If this is hard to notice because you see your cat every day, ask your friends or family if they can tell the difference.

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Not only does the breed of your cat affect its weight, but so does its sex. Most cat breeds with female cats weigh less than cat breeds with male cats. A female Siamese cat can weigh up to 12 pounds, while a male Siamese cat can weigh up to 15 pounds. This means that a female Siamese cat that weighs 15 pounds is too big.

What if My Cat is Overweight?

If your cat is overweight, you might want to switch her to a food that helps her lose weight and keep it off. Talk to your vet to make sure there aren’t any medical reasons for her weight gain.

You might also want to make your cat more active during the day.

How do I Get an Obese or Overweight Cat Down to a Healthy Male Cat Weight?

Use an automatic feeder

Free feeding, which is when you give your cat his daily amount of food all at once, can be hard for some cats. Some cats graze all day, but others eat everything in one sitting and then ask for more. With an automatic cat feeder, you can set up smaller feedings at different times of the day so you don’t have to keep filling the bowl.

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A WiFi-enabled automatic pet feeder like the Feeder-Robot lets you give your pet controlled portions of food even when you’re not home. You can use the app or the control panel to set up custom feeding schedules, and you can rest easy knowing that your cat will always get the right amount of food at the right time.

Try food puzzles

Food puzzles make your cat eat more slowly and “play” with his food. He has to work for his food. You can use something as simple as a clean muffin pan to keep your cat from eating too much at once. He will have to “forage” for his food and eat more slowly this way.

Cut back on portion size

You should feed your cat so that he weighs what he should, not what he does. Think about cutting the amount of food by at least 25%. Many bags of cat food have charts that show how much to feed your cat each day. If you have a 12-pound cat that needs to lose a few pounds, follow the advice for a 10-pound cat on the chart, and so on.

Switch to wet food

You could also try switching to a diet of wet food. Most dry kibble has carbohydrates and starches that carnivorous cats don’t need. These carbs could cause you to gain weight or have digestive problems. The moisture your cat needs is in wet food, and it shouldn’t have grains or refined carbs that he doesn’t need.

Try lower-calorie food

Talk to your vet about cat food with fewer calories. Also, make sure you’re not giving your adult cat kitten food, which has more calories.

Enrichment and Exercise are Also Important 

Also, puzzle feeders can be very helpful. If you make your cat work for their food instead of just giving it to them, it will be more like how they would live in the wild. It will also keep their minds busy and help them burn calories.

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Try some good old-fashioned physical activity! By playing games with your cat, you can get it to move around more, which will help it burn calories and also strengthen the bond between pet and owner. Cats like to play before they eat because it reminds them of how they hunt in the wild.

The Verdict

Take your cat to the vet or a registered vet nurse before making any big decisions about its weight or how it should act. They will be able to do a proper weight check and give you advice about what your cat should eat and how it should move.

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