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Cat Asking For Help! He Can Hardly Breathe Finally Rescued & Life Gets Transformed


Cats are cute little animals. But have you wondered what happens to those cats who fail to find a permanent home for themselves? How do they feed themselves and how do they take care of themselves? Today, we have brought an inspiring story of a cat who was wandering aimlessly in the streets unaware of the health problems he was carrying with him. Let us see how he got out of danger and found a permanent home. 

The Beginning

Shilpa arrived daily on the street in the morning, it was her daily routine. One day, she was sitting on the street at 9:00 am. She saw one cat sitting outside a shop. The cat seemed sick and in a miserable condition. He was hopelessly waiting for someone to take and help him. He needed treatment but nobody helped him. He was in very poor condition. There were lots of people but nobody cared to pay attention to him. He was crying because he suffered from many problems. He did not want to live like this anymore.

Shilpa, a pure-hearted, kind soul got very upset to see him. She found that he had a severe cough, nasal congestion, and fever. The poor little cat was also facing difficulty in breathing. After this Shilpa tried to offer a spoon of their usual food but he could not eat.

A Visit to the Vet

Shilpa took him to a clinic and showed him to the veterinary doctor. The vet started his treatment. The poor little kitty was suffering from many diseases at the same time. The vet diagnosed scabies, dehydration, anemia, and asthma. He was not able to eat by himself. The treatment finally started. 

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After some days of continuous treatment, he started eating food by himself. But the treatment still had to continue. Slowly, he was eating well and starting to play well. Although he had recovered from the flu, the treatment for scabies and asthma was still going on.

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After three weeks, he was out of danger, as per the vet, but still treatment was going. After some days the cannula was removed and the vet shifted him to oral medication. The doctor refused to give the cat any hot and hard things. The vet advised him to eat soft eatables like cheese, berries, fish, meat, etcetera. Day by day, he recovered from all the problems related to oral. He was getting better slowly and steadily. 

Another Problem Arises

Suddenly one day Shilpa saw him licking the wall. So she got worried and discussed it with the vet. The vet did a cat checkup and told him that this was due to worms. The doctor then sanitized the cat and gave it some medicine. After that, the snowball cat was now dewormed and the cat was healthy now. Shilpa and the cat lived together and enjoyed their life. In this way, a cat’s life transformed and he lived his life well.

Wrapping Up! 

This story was truly like a roller coaster ride for us. From so much suffering, ups and downs, the cute little cat was finally able to lead the life he deserved. This story was filled with emotions and also gave a ray of hope at the same time. It tells us that there are still some kind and gracious people present in this cruel world. We must learn from Shilpa and have a soft heart for all the voiceless babies out there. 

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