Cat Peeing on My Bed: 5 Useful Tips To Make It Stop (Home Remedies)

Cat Peeing on My Bed, 5 Useful Tips To Make It Stop

Did you know that the smell of ammonia in urine is what alerts animals when they need to pee? That’s why cats will often pee in the same place. You see, cats will mark their territory by urinating on it as a way of alerting other cats they are in that area. Before understanding the tips to make the cat stop peeing on the bed, you must know why it is doing so.

That doesn’t mean you should be happy your cat has chosen your bed as their territory, but it does mean you can resolve the situation easily enough.

Cat Peeing on My Bed: 5 Useful Tips To Make It Stop

Home Remedies Tips to Make Your Cat Stop Peeing on Bed

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There are several things you can do to stop your cat from peeing on the bed. Here are some of them:

  • Reposition the Litter Box

Transfer the litter box to another place and clean it well. Make sure to clean it every day because cats are very particular about it. This can be one of the reasons why your cat is peeing on the bed instead of its litter box. Changing the position can also help but will be of no use if you keep it dirty.

  • Change the Litter Box

You might not be aware but maybe your cat is not comfortable with its litter box. If you own more than one cat and use a common litter box for all, this might be the main reason why your cat is using your bed as a washroom. Consider changing the litter box and using a separate one for each cat. This will probably solve your problem if repositioning did not help.

  • Train the Cat for Peeing 

If your cat is young, there are chances that it is not trained properly. You can train it yourself or even hire a specialist for this task. Training the pets is a basic thing that should have been done in the very beginning. Do not worry, you can still train the cat if you did not consider doing it earlier.

  • Place Treats 

Many people do not know this but cats hate peeing where they eat. You can place the treats or even its food bowl or water bowl on the spot it has got used to peeing on. This can help change its habit of peeing on the bed. It will also give you some time to train it properly.

  • Use Enzymatic Cleaners 

Enzyme cleaners utilize biological tidying agents rather than oppressive chemicals. These purifiers break down organic substances, they eradicate the smell and existence of cat urine better than other commercial cleaners. They will also allow the cat to avoid peeing on that spot

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Wrapping Up Details On Cat Peeing On Bed

So these were a few tips that may help you in making your cat no more pee on your bed. Cats are very particular animals and they fix a place to pee and follow the routine. You can change its spot by using these techniques very easily.

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