Heartbroken Homeless Dog Rescued Eventually In Surprising Way

Heartbroken Homeless Dog Rescued In A Surprising Way

There is nothing sadder than a story of an abandoned, homeless dog and the terrifying looks on their faces seem to be the most heartbreaking ones. It is said that dogs are true friends of humans, so why leave them abandoned? Dogs wander around in search of love and comfort, so humans must take care of them. There are various stories about dogs that get rescued by some means. But, here comes the story of a homeless dog that got rescued most surprisingly, so let’s start with it.

Heartbroken Homeless Dog Rescued In A Surprising Way

Bobi, a sweet dog, was found roaming alone in the cold streets of Romania; there was no one around and Bobi seemed to be scared. The sweet dog was found roaming near railway tracks, and it would become too risky to rescue the dog there. The rescue team got worried that the dog could run and could get hitten by a passing train, so they followed the dog, till the dog came out of that area and reached some safe place. Rescuers redirect the dog and they get successful in taking Bobi out of the railway area.

Heartbroken Homeless Dog Rescued In A Surprising Way

Not an Easy Job To Rescue Heartbroken Homeless Dog

Finally, rescuers redirected the dog toward a safe place, but their job was not over yet. It is not an easy task to convince a dog that they would not cause the dog any harm, and it looks like a marathon as the dog ran away every time rescuers approached the dog. Fortunately, the dog understands that the rescuers are not there for the dog’s harm, instead they are there to help the dog. Eventually, rescuers’ jobs become easy as the dog becomes friendly with rescuers and desires to stay with them. It might be possible due to the smell of delicious treats that reached the nose of the dog.

  • Helping the Homeless Dog

The rescuers noticed that the dog was not in good condition, as the dog was limping while walking and also had a scar near the left eye. Then, the rescuers immediately took the dog to a veterinary clinic for treatment so that the dog could achieve relief from pain. Furthermore, the rescuers found a microchip that indicates that the dog possesses an owner. The rescuers get excited as they thought that the owner would get happy after hearing the news of the dog.

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But, one unexpected thing occurred, as when the rescuers contacted the owner, the owner didn’t need the dog anymore. The owner asked the rescuers to take the dog away with them. This situation is a pretty sad and devastating one. The story is so shocking that it leaves the rescuers with so many questions like why did the dog run away? Why does the owner not want the dog now? But, it seems that it is the choice of a 9-year-old dog to run away from home.

Rescuers might not be able to know the reason behind the dog’s run away, but they become thankful for saving the homeless and heartbroken dog. The dog has entirely lost vision in the left eye, but the good news is that Bobi’s right eye vision is good enough. Furthermore, the sweet dog is a true survivor and a very gentle and obedient dog.

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Bobi is a homeless dog that requires a caring family who takes care of the dog properly, this time a forever home, where the dog could spend its remaining life most happily. At last, Bobi gets adopted by a caring family. Moreover, dogs also need care and love, so make sure not to abandon any dog.

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