Is Popcorn Bad For Dogs? Read What Vet Says: 4 Important Things


Is Popcorn Bad For Dogs? Read What Vet Says

In a bowl full of amazing popcorn, sitting in front of the TV, ready to watch your favourite movie, nothing can compete with this feeling of happiness and joy. At this time can you allow your dog to join you if they have popcorn? Is popcorn bad for dogs?

Is Popcorn Bad For Dogs? Read What Vet Says

On the weekends you are all set to watch your favourite movie on the big screen, sitting on a couch with your close friend, or your pet dog but wait, the night is still incomplete without snacks. We can not even expect a movie night without having snacks.

When our laziness is on top or when we are trying to find a fairly healthy and easy to make than the first snack that comes to our mind is popcorn, the only snack which takes only a few minutes to get ready in the microwave.

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Is Popcorn Bad For Dogs? Read What Vet Says

Also, it is healthy for us humans. It has high fiber whole grains. While we sat on the couch with a handful of popcorn again and again and your dog’s pleading eyes might tempt you to drop the price of popcorn to your dog. It is very easy for us, but the situation comes where your heart says yes to sharing but not your mind begs the question dogs eat popcorn?

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Let us get to know everything about whether a dog can eat popcorn, is popcorn bad for dogs or not, and if yes they are safe then what kind of popcorn should we allow our dog to eat, same any other questions that come to your mind, let us answer all the questions here.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Yes, popcorn is not a bad option to treat a dog. Dogs can have popcorn but in a small amount only given as a treat to your dog. Popcorn is a variety of corn kernels. When you heat the popcorn they expand in size and puff up. Popcorn has several kinds of minerals and nutrients. Calcium, iron, sodium, Magnesium, Copper, potassium, Selenium, and some amounts of vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6, and B5 are also present.

All the vitamins and minerals your dog is getting from their daily diet. Dr. Angelica Dimack, who is managing shelter veterinarian at Animal society says that Dogs can eat popcorn! Because popcorn is a low-calorie food that pets love so you can treat your dog with this amazing snack.

Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs?

Popcorn is not a bad option to opt for your dogs but with some terms and conditions. The majority of us do not like plain popcorn to make the popcorn more tempting and tasty, we prefer our popcorn dripping with butter, caramel on popcorn, loaded salt, and some other toppings and seasoning on top of popcorn.

We all know that this is not good for us, but we still prefer to do these things by giving more priority to our taste. As we all know that this thing is not good for us and the same thing for dogs. Butter, salt, and oil on popcorn can lead to stomach upset and dehydration in dogs. The fats lead to obesity-related health issues for your dog. instead of going with this, you have to go for plain popcorn for your dog.

Plane and air-puffed popcorns make a nice and perfect treat for your dog on occasion, but at the same time you should be aware of unpopped kernels or even partially puffed-up kernels should not be treated your dog, because sometimes these kernels can stuck between the teeth of your dog and the condition or feeling is unpleasant for your dog to make sure you do not treat your dog with unpacked kernels.

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Now, this does not mean that you can allow your dog to eat the whole bowl full of popped popcorn,“ said Dr. Matthew McCarthy, founder of Juniper valley animal hospital. As we go to treat our dog, too much is not good. Only a small amount of popcorn is good and healthy for our dog. There is an important point that all of us have to remember for our dog is approximately only 10% or even less than 10% of the caloric value a dog can have in a day.

Side effects

If you treat your dog with unhealthy toppings, caramel popcorn, sweet popcorn, or unpopped kernels, or if there is excess butter, oil, and salt in it. This can lead to many side effects also. Some of those side effects are-

  • Their digestion becomes unpleasant which leads to diarrhea.
  • If it is too salted or has too many toppings then this causes kidney damage.
  • High-fat popcorn can lead to obesity-related issues.
  • Dehydration is there due to excessive saltiness.
  • Popped kernels can cause dental issues.

Safe feeding

Popcorn is a good snack, but is popcorn bad for dogs? Now we all know that popcorn is good and healthy for dogs. We know many methods of making popcorn that give you a different taste. But to give a safe feed to your dog there is some method that you can follow so that you do not have to face any kind of side effects and make the treat healthy and safe.

  • Separate Unpopped kernels from popped kernels.
  • Do not add any kind of toppings, or seasonings to the popcorn.
  • Do not use excess salt, oil, and butter.
  • Do not give in large quantities, give in small quantities as you are giving treats to your dog.
  • Take care of the calorie count of daily meals.

If your dog is overly sensitive, then a vet does not recommend you treat your dog with popcorn. If you still found some side effects or unpleasant feelings about the dog even after understanding all the factors then you must have to contact a vet doctor.

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Final words!

Is popcorn bad for dogs? Now we all know the answer as we come to the final words after reading the whole article and the answer is YES popcorn is good for dogs but under some terms and conditions mentioned earlier. So from now, you can enjoy your next every movie night guilt-free with your dog and a little bit of plain air popcorn for a special treat for your dog. So this was a complete guide for you to know if is popcorn bad for dogs or not. We hope that we could bring light to the issue you came here for. Do not forget to read our other useful articles if you are a paw rent.

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