Students of LPU are constantly being placed at the fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Ernst & Young , Google, Mercedes, Toyota etc. while working at locations spread across the globe. Some Previous records also stats that there are 80+ renowned companies that recruit from IITs and from LPU as well. LPU is also trying to increase its reach and students skills and that’s why they arrange various activities and events on regular basis. The tie-ups universities facilitate students to attain cross-cultural skills and grasp the international standards. LPU Also participates in the student exchange programs to make its virtues internationally recognizable.

Some Key Facts about LPU Placements:

  • 1500+ Global Placements.
  • 600+ Fortune Offers.
  • 500+ MNCs.
  • 610 Multiple Hiring by Cognizant in a day.
  • 51+ IT sector companies recruit from the LPU.
  • LPU students are working at packages of over 1 Crore in companies like Google and Microsoft.

Jalandhar, Punjab