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SSC JE (Electrical) Online Mock Test – 1

1. If copper loss of transformer at 8 th full load is 4900W, then its full load copper loss would be

2. In case of a power transformer, the no load current in terms of rated current is

3. The purpose of the conservator in a transformer is


4. Inter poles are meant for

5. The rotor input when rotor copper loss in an induction motor is 600 W and slip is 3% is

6. The field winding of an alternator requires

7. High speed alternators usually have

8. In synchronous motor, minimum armature current occurs at

9. The efficiency for maximum power transfer to the load is

10. Two coupled coils with L1 = L2 = 0.6 H have a N1 coupling coefficient of K = 0.8. The turns of N2 is

11. Area of hysteresis loop represents

12. Two heaters rated at 1000 W, 250 V each are connected in series across a 250 V, 50 Hz AC mains. The total power drawn from the supply would be

13. Plan and butt welds may be used on materials upto approximately

14. In which type of welding is a pool of molten metal used ?

15. A DC ameter has resistance of 0.1  and current range is 0 – 100 A. If the range is to be extended to 0 – 500 A, then meter requires shunt resistance of

16. A current i = (10 + 10 sin t) amperes is passed through moving iron type ammeter. Its reading will be

17. A series resonant circuit implies

18. A circuit component that opposes the change in circuit voltage is

19. The no load speed of DC series motor is

20. For battery charging, which of the following DC generators is used ?