Rescue Story of a Cat: Blind & Deaf Cat Left Alone On Street


“Rescue story of a cat blind and deaf”

Rescue story of a cat blind and deaf

Life is so uncertain. Not only human beings but also animals face very difficult situations in life. The only thing that differs is they are the ones who even fail to speak about their problems. In this world, these lovable creatures are left all alone by many harsh people to suffer. Numerous stories show how inhumane individuals can be. Here is the rescue story of a cat who struggled between life and death, while wandering alone on the streets of the city.

Rescue story of a cat blind and deaf

Rescue Story Of A Cat

It is a story of a cat that was so unfortunate that she had to fight all alone in such a difficult situation, which even humans would fail to survive. This rescue story of a cat will bring goosebumps to your body. The cat was not only blind but was also deaf and had lost almost all her teeth. The most amazing thing about the cat is her survival, which was something impossible, due to her immense weakness that she was unable to balance her body properly.

Rescue story of a cat blind and deaf

The cat was found all alone on the streets of the city, very afraid that she was reluctant to touch. Once the cat was rescued, it was found that she was blind, deaf, and hadn’t had food for several days. The cat was saved and taken home by the group of rescuers who cleaned her and treated her with all the necessities so that she can live a normal life. They observed that the little abundant old cat was dehydrated and was suffering from weakness because of long starvation. This led to the lack of nutrients in her body to such an extent that she even failed to hold her body balance.

Rescue story of a cat blind and deaf


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In this rescue story of a cat,  the little creature was supplied with food that was easy to swallow, and even drops were poured into its eyes that would clean her vision and treat it. It’s been a week since the cat was rescued but still, she is so weak that she cannot even handle her body balance and stand or walk with ease. It took her three weeks to gain all her strength so that she can move around and explore the places.

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Rescue story of a cat blind and deaf

This rescue story of a cat is a true example of how well someone’s help can change the life of any individual.

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How To Deal With Blind Cats?

Cats who are blind will require a little additional attention. However, blind cats are still capable of leading full lives and being wonderful pets and friends for their owners. This rescue story of a cat needs ways to deal with blind cats so that even you can give new life to the creatures who need help to gain strength and live a healthy life.

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On the recommendation of your veterinarian, it could be essential to amputate one or both eyes if your cat’s blindness is brought on by a disease or injury and is permanent. A cat who is suddenly blind can easily become disoriented and exhibit some typical behaviors as a result. For instance, they might urinate outside of the litter box or refuse to leave their sleeping area out of concern that they won’t be able to find their way back. Try the advice below to maintain your home accessible for your blind cat.

  • Keep your blind cat inside, and provide them access to a secure yard or run if they require it. In case they escape, having them microchipped is crucial. To avoid boredom in cats that are only indoors, keep things interesting with toys and puzzle feeders.
  • Don’t carry your cat about; instead, encourage them to do so. They can leave a trail of scent that they can follow to stay in their familiar surroundings thanks to the scent glands on their paws. When placing your blind cat on elevated surfaces, exercise caution to prevent a fall.
  • To prevent shocking your cat, speak to them as you get closer.
  • Keep litter pans, toys, and furnishings from being moved. Avoid placing barriers in places where your cat can accidentally run into them. If you have stairs, block them off with something like a child’s stair gate until your cat figures out where they are and how to use them once more.
  • Moving in with a cat that is blind? Introducing your cat to your new home will require extra caution on your part. Use your voice to direct them back to a familiar area if they appear lost.


This rescue story of a cat introduces us to how hard the situations can be, but still if you are fortunate enough you can survive. There are many animals out there on the street who fight with such hard situations that will bring goosebumps to humans. At times the inhumane activity of beings leads to the death of these street animals.

It is time for us to change ourselves and become more sensitive toward these little creatures.

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