4 Teens Tortured A Puppy & Set Him On Fire : Rescue Story of a Puppy

“Love is the only way to rescue humanity from all ills.”

Rescue Story Of A Puppy 4 Teens Tortured A Puppy

Rescue Story Of A Puppy 4 Teens Tortured A Puppy

This can be proved true after seeing Chunky’s loving spirit towards his owners even after going through a painful situation. There was a time when he was left to die.

The rescue story of a puppy shows the loss of humanity.  A story that shows no suffering in this world is greater than the love of owners. The story reflects that the love of animals is far greater than the love of human beings. Read ahead to know the whole story of the suffering of a tiny chunky, who was brutally tortured by a group of four teenagers.

Rescue Story Of A Puppy 4 Teens Tortured A Puppy

Story of Chunky’s Struggle

Pets are one of the most lovable creatures, the ones that prove to be great stress relievers. We all love to be with them, but still, some people can be very cruel toward these tiny creatures. Here is the rescue story of a puppy, about an inhumane act of the teenagers, that almost killed a little Chunky.

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Four teenagers, three aged 16 years and one of 15 years,  kidnapped Chunky, a chihuahua-cross puppy. The youngsters tortured him for several hours and later fed him with drugs and set the little puppy on fire.

The gang of barbaric teenagers trashed and pummeled Chunky, a Chihuahua-cross puppy, before abandoning him for dead in a Margate trash dump. He had been tormented for several hours before being left, according to investigators. The little puppy was shattered by his neck and limbs. The flamethrower deodorant that was used by the teens wounded his face and eyes.

Rescue Story Of A Puppy 4 Teens Tortured A Puppy

Action Against The Culprits

Chunky, the Chihuahua cross puppy had suffered a lot and undergone a crucial stage of life and death. He was fortunate enough to survive all the torture. The act of enjoyment turned his life through hell. Chunky was found by a bystander in the evening. The rescue story of a puppy.

The case was handed over to the RSPCA who looked for the details. Caroline Doe, the RSPCA inspector, said that it was one of the most disturbing cases ever. He added that the dog is still afraid because of the treatment by barbaric teenagers.

The youths were caught and had been given the punishment. The gang was also given a cost-paying order, a five-year prohibition against owning any animals, and a referral order for one year.

Two young people had to pay £500, while one had to pay $1,000. Legal limitations prevent us from naming them. These kids admitted to giving him drugs, beating him up, breaking his neck, and wringing him out before dumping him. They claimed that after lighting a deodorant aerosol can, they also set fire to his face and eyes.

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Miracles Do Happen

We all have heard about miracles. The rescue story of a puppy shows that it does happen. There are people in this world who can be extremely cruel towards creatures who cannot speak. The case of four teenagers harassing and abandoning the puppy on the streets to die sends shivers down the spine.

Although the accused were young and admittedly high on drugs, the terrible, barbarous, and unjustifiable violence they inflicted on this innocent canine was unconscionable.

Chunky, the Chihuahua cross puppy, whose face and neck were burnt and leg was broken had suffered senseless torture for hours. This was just the result of the amusement of boys. The most painful thing in this whole act was that Chunky the little one was left on the streets to wander and die for several days.

His survival is a miracle.  According to veterinary professionals, the injuries were so severe that even with the excellent medical care and medication he was receiving, the drug was unable to completely numb the agony, and he endured for at least six days.

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