Chekrs Terms and Conditions

All the following terms and conditions are located from the legal actions and govern your use to (the Chekrs Platform is run by DIGI SQUARE). If any of these terms and conditions is not acceptable to any of visitor we kindly request you to not use the website.

Events beyond Control:

Chekrs is just one of the sources for all of its users. We are not liable for any of the failure or delay in the event of providing service which is caused by the events beyond our controlling efforts. It may include breakdown of system, network access or any other events.

Limitation of Liability:

In no event and under and under no legal contract, Chekrs (and the controller Crazzle Plus InfoTech) shall be liable for any damages, whatsoever, including indirect, direct, accidental, incidental or consequential damages arising to access any inability of the website. It includes to any like, material, information and content through this or any external linked website.


If you complete the registration at the website, it justifies that you are becoming a user of the website and agrees all of the following conditions:

Make your contact details accessible to Chekrs (the controller DIGI SQUARE) and its partners. You can be contacted by Chekrs through call, email, SMS, etc.

You accept to receive the promotional offers from Chekrs and its partners which may concern your interest or not. You accept that all the details entered by you are correct and complete the information required by us. We have the right to terminate any of the user account if false information is traced. You agree to be in contact with us regarding feedback.

Usage and Restrictions:

The services offered by Chekrs can be accessed by the users for any undefined extend of time until we terminate the availability of free version. However, anytime post upgradation premium services can only be accessed if the user fulfills the terms of/purchases them from the company until the period of availability defined. If the duration is not mentioned it can be used for undefined extend- time.

Mobile Devices:

We have created the website differently. Users accessing website from mobile devices are bound to accept the following conditions:

We are not responsible to be claimed for any kind damage or losses. You are not allowed to share, publicize and distribute any illegal, violating, abusive, offensive, pornographic, vulgar, threatening information, profane, virus or harmful components.

Your responsibility:

You are responsible for keeping your confidential information such as email/phone number being exposed to ads visible on ads.

Content Disclaimer:

At Chekrs we are not responsible for sharing any kind of incorrect, false, misleading, error contained content or collection by any user or visitor. For any content or service on our website visible in the advertisement we just play the role at “as on” basis.


The Chekrs (and controller DIGI SQUARE) reserves all the rights to vary these terms and conditions. Any variation/alteration becomes effective from the date it has been mentioned on the site. By continuing the usage of the website you agree by the variations that have been applied.