Top 20 Pet-Friendly International Airlines Around The World

Top 20 PetFriendly International Airlines

Many people who have PETs like dog, cat and now when they think of travelling around the world the common problem they face is which airlines they should book. Travelling with a dog is not a new thing. A huge number of the population have pets and want to take their dogs with them to explore the new place.

Understanding that many international airlines have become pet-friendly. Safety should be the priority and you have to make sure your pet travel from one to other place. So to help these people we have come up with the article in which we are going to provide the details of the Top 20 PetFriendly International Airlines around the world. We would suggest the people prefer this airline as they give special attention to PETs.

Top 20 PetFriendly International Airlines

Top 20 Pet-Friendly International Airlines Around The World

In the below list we are providing the best 20 pet friendly international airlines which are known to provide good facilities like dog, cat etc.

Top 20 PetFriendly International Airlines

  1. American Airlines
  2. JetBlue
  3. Aer Lingus
  4. Aeroflot
  5. Emirates Airlines
  6. Air Canada
  7. Delta
  8. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  9. Air France
  10. Thomas Cook
  11. Alaska Air
  12. Air India
  13. Iberia
  14. CopaAirlines
  15. Turkish Airlines
  16. TAP Air Portugal
  17. Air New Zealand
  18. Qatar Airways
  19. Lufthansa
  20. TUI

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American Airlines

American airlines which is one of the biggest airlines is very well known as pet friendly international airline. If the distance is small the customers are allowed to keep under the seats until they reach the destination. But if the distance is long pets will be kept under cargo where proper care is taken. Depending upon the size of PET the customers are charged accordingly.

  • Fees – 120 – 200$
  • Cabin – Yes
  • Cargo – Yes
  • Types of animals allowed – Cat, Dog etc.


Jetblue is one of the best airline which is known for being PET friendly. They provide various PET programs which have some perks. Well known JetPaws allows the passenger pet along with the carrier bag with some tips provided. Frequent travellers get various rewards in terms of trueblue points. Just by paying fees of around 100$, you can travel with your four-legged friend.

  • Fees: $100 and above
  • Cabin: Yes
  • Cargo: No
  • Animals: Cats, dogs, service animals

Aer Lingus

As we all know Aer Lingus is a small airline considerably but in terms of its policy on PET it is very unquestionably the best. If you have a Cat or dog you can make accommodations if you are in europe or the Atlantic ocean. Even though the authorities do not allow your pet in the cabin but you need not worry as your PET is very much safe in cargo. It is advisable to make a booking in advance and do it online.

  • Fees: €40 on regional flights & €160 on international routes
  • Cabin: No
  • Cargo: Yes
  • Animals: Cats, dogs.


One of the Russian airline aeroflot has the most liberal PET policy. Based on the size and shape of the dog/ cat they can carry pet. This airline allows cats, dogs in both cabin & cargo. Travellers are advised to carry proper documents with containers. Various types of PET like polecats, fennec foxes, rabbits etc are also allowed in the flight by paying the required fees.

Emirates Airlines

For PET amirates have a very good programme known as SKYCargo in which your four legged friends can travel. PET fly in the cargo only which provides very good care and services. If you are travelling to Dubai then your pets are provided with the dedicated staff to make sure pets are well card. The cargo has temperature controlled and ventilated for stress free travel experience. This airline has no limit on the number of PET you can take if you take the Emirates SkyCargo programme.

Air Canada

Air Canada airline is very much focused on the comfort it provides along with safety. Air Canada has many agents who are responsible to book PET for travelling. The staff which handles the PET is highly trained and they make sure your pet has a safe journey. So because of this it is known as one of the pet-friendly international airline. But due to coronavirus, they has stopped pet booking temporarily.


Delta airlines operate in more than 60 countries all over the world and if you have birds as a pet this airline welcomes you. It is also a pet friendly airlines and travellers can use cabin and if you have dogs you will be allowed to travel in cargo which has safety & comfort. Customers have to pay around $75 to $200 which is not much compared to other airline.

  • Cost: $75 and above
  • Cabin: Yes
  • Cargo: Yes
  • Animals: Cats, dogs, service animals, household birds

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM is also PET friendly but they recommend snub nosed dogs to be in cargo by taking safety concerns. KLM charges around  €75 to €400 per one-way, depending on the route and weight of the animal. Depending on size cost goes up.

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Air France

Air France allows four legged members onboard both international and domestic destinations. So, if are planning to tour Europe, this airline will help you definitely help. Travellers have to travel with approved pet container and recommend the use of a flexible bag instead of a plastic one. Cargo will be used for PET and the cost ranges from €30 to €200 depending on the destination.

Thomas Cook

Thomas cook does not allow many animals and if you want to take your pet you will have to pay around 15 euros and an extra baggage fee.

Alaska Air

Yes, we are attached to our PET but do you think airlines know? The answer is yes alaska air understands it. They provide flight attendant provides you cards which is very much safe. It is very much famous for other pets like -poisonous reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, ferrets, guinea pigs etc and you need to do is pay 20 pounds.

Air India

If you want to travel to or from India with PET then you have one of the best pet friendly international airline. Only the important thing you need to do is provide a document along with a vaccination certificate. They allow cats, birds, dogs with a maximum of 5.5kg and cost various based on pets.


One of the biggest international airlines in Spain is Iberia and if you want to carry PET in and out of Europe this is one of the best airlines. It allows PET like cats, dogs, tortoises & birds. But you need to keep in mind that you need to contact the booking office. It might cost upto €120.

  • Cost: Starting at €120
  • Cabin: Yes
  • Cargo: Yes
  • Animals: Cats, dogs, birds, tortoises, service animals


For travellers who are looking to travel around south America then the best airline is CopaAirlines. It allows PET in both cabin & cargo. Without a health certificate, the airline does not allow PET if you want to travel internationally. All travellers are advised to read all basic information and ask customer service to know the price they have to pay.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is a very well known airline among people who travel with pets like cats, dogs, and small singing birds. There might be people who are allergic to pets so that is the reason the officials ask for medical reports of pets if they want to keep pet in the cabin.

  • Price: 70 TRY and up
  • Cabin: Yes
  • Cargo: Yes
  • Animals: Cats, dogs, birds, service animals

TAP Air Portugal

Are you planning to Lisbon with PET? then you are advised to travel with TAP Air Portugal. PET like dogs & cats are welcome to fly in both cabin & cargo as long as the owner provides all the required documents. If the airline feels the PET are healthy they will allow it. All PET owners are advised to arrive earlier so that the staff can ensure animals are comfortable and secure. Fees are affordable that starts from €35 for domestic flights and €150 for intercontinental travel.

  • Cost: €35 and above
  • Cabin: Yes
  • Cargo: Yes
  • Animals: Cats, dogs, service animals

Air New Zealand

One of the famous International airlines is Air New Zealand which accepts both cats & dogs on domestic & international flights. This airline is very well known for following the best standards of safety. This airline yearly reviews the safety standards which make sure it has the highest level of care and comfort. If the travellers is travelling internationally then pets will travel in cargo once they book through an agent. If your pet is flying on a domestic route, they can travel as checked baggage.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways allows both cats & dogs to travel in the cargo with various networks like Europe, Middle East, Africa, the United States and the Far East. PET like falcon is allowed to travel in a cabin with a maximum of six falcons. They care for the pet very much and does not allow them to board if they are less than 12 weeks. Qatar Airways has some breed restrictions on cats & dogs such as Shar Pei, Pugs, Boston Terriers, exotic cats etc. Qatar airways have reduced accepting pet due to coronavirus.


Lufthansa is one of the pet-friendly airlines which allows small cats & dogs in their main cabin but the condition is that it should not exceed the 8 kg weight limit including the pet carriers. If the pets are large they are allowed to stay inside AC cargo & one more important point is the travellers are allowed to bring two animals with airline-approved transport carrier.


TUI is one of the expensive options with fee payment of around 81.60 euros per pet. This airline allows you to carry them inside the cabin if they are upto six kg. If they are heavier pets needed to be put in cargo and the pets can be added to existing flights with an active call.

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