When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes & Start Walking: 5 Basic Tips for Helping Your Cat to Learn How to Walk

When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes and Start Walking

You may have heard stories about how fast or slow a kitten is when it comes to learning how to walk. Some people say that kittens are slow walkers and others say that they are fast learners. The truth is, kittens learn very differently from person to person. Some people say that it takes a long time for a kitten to learn how to walk.

Others say that it takes just a couple of practice walks. The good news is, there is no right answer! All you need to know is that your cat really can learn many things at the same time. Keep reading to discover when your kitty may start walking and how you can tell if they are ready.

When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes and Start Walking

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When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes and Start Walking


Side-by-side with their littermates, kittens feel the wind in their fur as they explore their new home. But for some cats, that first step is a little more challenging. Improving their balance, getting used to noises and smells, and learning how to use their limbs properly are all challenges that even the most kitten like of felines must face.

If your cat has recently learned to walk at home but is not quite ready to leave her kitty pals yet, do not worry she is in good company. Once your kitty starts walking on her own again, you will start to see more independence in her everyday activities. Keep reading to find out when she might be ready to leave the house alone!

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When do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

Kitties mature at varied rates relying on several factors. However, most newborns open their eyes between the ages of 2 and 16 days. Their sight gradually enhances, although the two eyes might not entirely open at the same rate during this period.

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How Long Does It Take for a Kitten to Learn How to Walk?

This is really up to you as the parent. Some cats take longer to learn to walk than others. Some have amazing speed and learn to walk in no time. Others are super gifted and walk at a lightning-fast pace. There is no set rule when it comes to how long it takes for a kitten to learn how to walk.

Kids and cats both have different learning styles. Just because one cat is capable of learning quickly, it does not mean that your other cats will be as quick to learn. The best way to find out is through experience. Take your cats on a few practice walks and see what they can do.

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Tips for Helping Your Kitten Learn to Walk

There are a few things you can do to help your kitten learn to walk properly.

  • Make sure that your cat is active and healthy.
  • Make sure that your cat has access to lots of affection, toys, and toys that your other cats enjoy.
  • Consistent and predictable meals will help your cat stay focused and on-task.
  • A consistent bedtime is also important.
  • If your cat stays up late, he will be tired and likely would not be able to learn as well as he could have.

What are the Different Types of Kitten Walkers

Your kitten’s walk can be described as a combination of two different types:

The first type is the lunge walk, which is when your kitten’s front paws first come in contact with the ground. The back paws are hanging loose. This type of walk is great when your kitten is learning to hunt. Ideally, he should be doing this while you are out of the house. You can also use this type of walk when you are out of the house and your cat is on a lead.

The other type of kitten walk is the slow walk. This is when your kitten’s front paws first come in contact with the ground. His back paws stay in the air, with the front paws just a few inches from the ground. This type of walk is ideal when your kitten is not learning to hunt. Once he is, he will use this walk exclusively. Often, this is when you will see your cat using a “hunt me” sign to get your other cats’ attention.

The Best Time for a Kitten to Learn to Walk

The best time to teach a kitten how to walk is when they are young. They are likely to pick up the skill more quickly when they are learning in an environment where they are with other cats. The reason for this is likely environmental. Understanding that these are all normal learning patterns, other cats in the house will likely offer guidance and support. It is also important to note that the older your cat, the more likely she is to become aggressive. It is best to keep your kitten as young as possible.

Wrapping Up!

Kittens are curious and playful creatures. They also love to explore their world and meet new things. When it comes to how they learn, most kittens are very similar. They just have different speeds and methods of learning. It is important to note that some cats are incredibly fast walkers and others take a more steady and methodical approach.

There is no one answer as to when your cat will start learning to walk. All you can do is be patient and consistent. Trust your cat and let her discover how to walk on her own. She is likely going to be just as amazed as you are when she finally learns.

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You may have heard that cats are wonderful animals, but only human beings know the truth about them. Cats are sometimes referred to as the only creatures that will stay with you even when they are not wanted. While this may be true for some cats, others will not hesitate to follow their interests.

The same is true of your kitten. She may love to explore and play, but she might also be more interested in following her owner around than getting her way. To figure out if your kitten wants to go it alone or if she is ready to take you up on that first solo catwalk, we made this informative piece for you.

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